Simple Cracked Cherry Bowl

Simple Cracked Cherry Bowl

A small simple bowl that was hand turned from beautiful piece of cherry wood. The crack is filled with transparent resin.

This bowl is finished with a food safe tung oil and beeswax and it’s great for candies, snacks and more.

Dimensions: diameter 6.3 in, height 2.8 in.

  • natural finish
  • food safe
  • free shipping


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A peek into my workshop

I don't turn wood with an electric lathe and use a classic, foot-powered pole lathe instead. This traditional method of wood processing used already by our ancestors is more time and energy consuming, but it eliminates all the stressful noise. Besides, the natural approach allows me to focus on the very structure of wood, its potential and my artistic expression.

Each piece of wood that comes into contact with food is cooked 2 to 3 days in salt water. This procedure destroys fungi and thus protects your health.

All of my products are finished exclusively with natural oils, waxes and resins, which are completely safe and accentuate the beauty of the wood.

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I am a 41-year-old graphic designer and web developer with a great passion for woodworking. I love the pleasant, warm feel of wood and dedicate all my spare time to working with this noble material.

Each piece of wood deserves to show its best

I have always loved taking a piece of wood and turning it into something unique and useful at the same time. I love the feeling I get, when I see various artworks from the past. They have never ceased to fascinate me. The use of a traditional woodworking approach combined with the natural beauty of hardwood trees makes my thoughts come true.

I usually use only hand tools and traditional ways of wood processing, natural adhesives (bone glues), dyes and pigments (self-mixed milk paint) and also finishes (natural drying oils, beeswax, and hard resins such as copal and amber).

Does my work appeal to you?

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Payment, Shipping and Refunds

I accept PayPal and Credit Card (through secure PayPal system) payments. Orders will ship within 1 - 3 business days after the payment is received.

Should you be dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, just contact me within 7 days after delivery. Ship the item back to me at your expenses and once it arrives, I will refund you the purchase price minus the original shipping cost.

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